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ELSA: Solutions for Water Security in the Central Region of Colombia

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ELSA: Solutions for Water Security in the Central Region of Colombia

Despite advances in nature conservation and the identification of the ecosystem services they provide, there are still systemic challenges to ensure their permanence over time. These challenges require comprehensive and multisectoral analyses, the use of information generated at the local and national levels, and reliance on scientific spatial data to guide decision-making. It is essential to determine which areas should be protected, restored and managed to ensure the central region's water security priorities. These areas are referred to as Essential Life Support Areas (ELSAs).

The ELSA maps identify precisely the zones that must be intervened to achieve water security in a comprehensive manner in the central region of Colombia. They show where to implement measures and actions to protect, restore and sustainably manage nature to ensure this ecosystem service. The maps provide information on where the greatest benefits of such measures and actions are generated. Rather than generating a static map, the project develops a dynamic web tool that creates ELSA maps that are useful for decision making based on changing water security needs and priorities in the central region.

Attached to this thread, you will find the document that explains how ELSAs are used to secure water for more than 15 million people in the central region of Colombia.