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Resume Of Advances On The Resilience Project On Pollution At Eastern Las Vegas

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Resume Of Advances On The Resilience Project On Pollution At Eastern Las Vegas

The resilience project on Pollution at Eastern Las Vegas started in November 2017 with the course “Introduction to Resilience for Development - Part 1: Understanding Resilience Thinking” has had several advances by now: it was a participation in the meeting between a panel of experts from the Design and Resilience Team (DART), the Planning Committee of Las Vegas City Council and stakeholders (Academia, NGO’s, etc.) that exposed the necessity to start an adaptation plan with a resilience approach for the challenges the City of Las Vegas is tackling on Climate Change impacts.

Additionally, I have had meetings with governance stakeholders from Las Vegas City Council and Clark County; meetings with neighborhood groups at Eastern Community Center, as well as meetings with representatives of Republic Services Inc., Nevada Recycling and Goodwill Industries of Southern Nevada which are private companies offering services to the municipalities. As result of these consultations, I proposed to a Community Liaison from Clark County a public campaign to engage the community groups to implement a learn-by-doing plan that provides information and education to the residents about the types of household waste, how to dispose the waste safely to enhance public awareness on the efforts for recycling and environment conservation to keep up the community clean. There is also a possibility to apply for support to this proposal by a Neighbor Grant or by the The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection’s (NDEP) Recycling Grant Program which has $50,000 in grant funding available for projects.


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