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Laurent Mesbah

Facilitator with UNDP on Conservation Training and NBSAP forum for the online course in french on the introduction to resilience for development starting October 31st, 2017,
on Green consumption and production from May 31st, to end of July 2017.
Facilitator in 2016 for the online course on protected areas in french language.

Associate professor at the university teaching environmental sciences including different disciplines such as ecology, ecosystem management, ecosystem services, climate change mitigation and adaptation, but also international environmental law and policy. Provides international expertise on these topics. Has been lead consultant on updating NBSAP for UNDP Montenegro and is currently included in the UNDP Global Expert Review Support Consultant roster with Specialization in Biodiversity Planning.

Laurent Mesbah has a PhD in plant genetics from the Free University in Amsterdam and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Environmental Diplomacy from the University Geneva.