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Fernando Lopez

Regional Coordination Officer of the UNV Component
UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project

Fernando Lopez is the Regional Coordinator of the UNV Component that supports the implementation of the UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project. Fernando coordinates and supports the implementation of national level activities in five countries in LAC (Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Uruguay) and supports the implementation of the Global ABS Community, the Community of Practice of the UNDP-GEF Global ABS Project. He has more than five years of experience in the Panamanian non-profit sector providing administrative and technical support to several environmental organizations and projects in the country. He holds a Master’s degree in Life Sciences Economics and Policy from the Technical University of Munich and a BSc. in Business Administration from Towson University, Maryland

Access and benefits sharing
Habitat fragmentation and degradation
Incentives and subsidies
Resource mobilization
Sustainable production and consumption
Sustainable resource management
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October 2019