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Elena Kreuzberg

Conservation Biologist
CPAWS - OV (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Ottawa Valley Chapter)

I am a biodiversity and ecosystem expert with extensive experience and passion of work in Central Asia including development projects relevant to sustainable management of nature resources, water and wetlands initiatives, and biodiversity conservation with practical skills in application of participatory methods and social mobilization, engaging local communities in conservation initiatives, sustainable consumption and production and decision making process. I worked as a field biologist and as an ecosystem manager and I have skills in Ornithology, Theriology, Herpetology, Botany, General Ecology, Conservation Biology. As a member of several Committees (including SSC/IUCN Steering and AEWA Technical Committee) and as a CAREC manager I participated in planning, facilitation and negotiation processes relevant to ecosystem management and species conservation at national and Central Asian levels. I coordinated projects on ecosystem management, including protected areas and wetlands, transboundary water-management, biodiversity conservation programmes. I have experience of work with various stakeholders, including forestry and protected areas officers, academia, local communities and local NGOs achieving positive results and solutions in the resolving complicated management issues and experience of conflict resolution in initiatives relevant to protected areas establishment and management, in projects on conservation of endangered species and ecosystems. I am knowledgeable about Multilateral Environmental Agreements (CBD, CCD, FCCC, CITES, CMS) including protocols and memorandums. I have experience in environmental impact assessment and review, including screening and comprehensive study techniques (habitat evaluation, environmental modelling, and land use planning) with following development of mitigation and habitat/ecosystem rehabilitation measures. I was also engaged in the analytical and coordinating work: leading several projects on studies and conservation of globally threatened species, assessment of extinction risks and preparation of conservation strategies.

Targets and indicators
Spatial planning
Science and research
Ecosystem services
Species and extinctions
Protected areas
Vulnerable ecosystems
Invasive alien species
Sustainable resource management
Habitat fragmentation and degradation
Sustainable production and consumption
Biodiversity mainstreaming
Biodiversity awareness
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NBSAP revision
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June 2015