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Christina Supples

Global Sixth National Report Technical Project Advisor, NBSAP Forum Manager

Christina Supples works for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), where she provides technical and project management advice for Sixth National Reports (6NR) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) around the globe. This UNDP-managed, and Global Environmental Facility-funded global project, works with the CBD Secretariat and UN Environment to support countries in finding the information they need to develop and implement effective 6NRs and National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAPs). She is also responsible for providing a technical peer review of draf 6NRs, executing a global online capacity building program, coordinating the NBSAP Forum Partnership and managing the NBSAP Forum. Christina obtained a Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University. She has 15 years of conservation planning experience, with a special focus on spatial planning, protected areas, conservation measures, management effectiveness, and rural poverty alleviation. Prior to working for UNDP, she focused on developing effective conservation measures and protected areas mapping frameworks for The Nature Conservancy and the Conservation Biology Institute. Christina is also an expert grant writer who typically raises $500,000, annually, to support rural development needs. She spent several years managing the Rural Philanthropy Days program in Colorado, which connects foundations with rural communities to strengthen partnerships, improve access to financial resources and better meet rural development needs.

Biodiversity awareness
Biodiversity mainstreaming
Ecosystem services
Habitat fragmentation and degradation
Incentives and subsidies
Protected areas
Spatial planning
Sustainable production and consumption
Targets and indicators
Vulnerable ecosystems
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Learning more
NBSAP revision
Peer review
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June 2014

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