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Bruce Young has over 25 years of experience in biodiversity conservation throughout the Americas. He coordinates NatureServe’s Botany and Zoology programs, the premier source for conservation status information for North American plants and animals, and contributes to IUCN Red List assessments of Latin American amphibians and reptiles. Dr Young has led projects to develop conservation investment strategies in the Andes for organizations such as the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund and the MacArthur Foundation. He has focused extensively on the threat that climate change poses to biodiversity, developing a popular tool, the Climate Change Vulnerability Index, to rapidly assess the vulnerability of species to climate change and leading an effort to share lessons learned and develop priorities and training for the incorporation of climate change into tropical conservation planning.

In support of NBSAP development, Young has served as the manager of the project to develop a Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard (, an interactive online tool created in coordination with the Biodiversity Indicators Dashboard to visualize over 25 biodiversity indicators at regional, country, basin, and site scales. Indicators visualized on the Dashboard can feed into NBSAPs, and countries can work with the Dashboard team to provide visualizations on the Dashboard of indicators included in their NBSAPs.

Dr. Young is fully bilingual English-Spanish and has published over 55 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Countries of Focus: