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UN Biodiversity Lab | Regional Orientation Webinars | Presentations Available!

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UN Biodiversity Lab | Regional Orientation Webinars | Presentations Available!

A warm thanks to all those who joined us for the regional orientation webinars for the UN Biodiversity Lab! In this webinar, we provided the countries in your region with a virtual orientation to the UN Biodiversity Lab. Participants learned how to use this platform to help their team prepare a data-driven 6NR. We showed participants how to upload national-level data into their country’s private workspace. We also provided an overview of how to analyze your country’s national and global spatial data to make assessments about progress to achieve several of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, implement your NBSAP, and achieve the desired conservation outcomes. Participants had the opportunity to interact with our spatial data experts, 6NR specialists, and UN Biodiversity Lab web development team. 

You can access the presentations from the webinar here, including the full speaker notes. To access the animated version of the presentation on accessing and using your country's National Project on UN Biodiversity Lab, click here: Please click 'Read Only' when prompted for a password. You will then be able to see the presentation but not edit it.

The recordings for the four regional webinars in English are available below. 

  • Oceania and Pacific Region (English) - 28 August 2018, 6pm - 8pm EDT/NY Recording
  • Asia Region (English) - 29 August 2018, 3am - 5am EDT/NY Recording
  • English-speaking Latin America and Caribbean Region (English) - 30 August 2018, 10am - 12pm EDT/NY Recording
  • English-speaking Africa, Western Asia, South America & Eastern Europe Region (English) - 4 September 2018, 8am - 10am EDT/NY Recording

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