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In-Tree Project. Introduced Tree species in European Forests

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Introduced tree species appear to be an important and, at the same time, a controversial topic in relation to forest and environmental management. The forest industry sees an opportunity in introducing tree species for timber production and for maintaining species composition within forests that may better cope with the changing climate. On the other hand, however, from the nature conservation perspective, introduced tree species may pose a loss of biodiversity and/or disturb native ecosystems.

In order to disseminate existing and scientific knowledge on introduced (and invasive) tree species in European forests, the project In-Tree was initiated. Although this project aims to produce various comprehensive informative materials available to policy makers, forest managers, researchers and public, the major deliverable is a book publication  on the topic of 'Introduced tree species to European forests: challenges and opportunities'.
This project is managed by European Forest Institute (EFI), specifically by the Central European Office EFICENT in Freiburg, Germany. The funding is provided by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
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Good tree species are introduced in thi tree project this project produce various comprehensive informative materials .