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Tourism Concessions in Protected Natural Areas: Guidelines for Managers

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UNDP has a large portfolio of protected area strengthening projects in more than 100 countries worldwide. Many of these projects promote development of a robust protected area tourism concession system and/or individual concessions, as a mechanism for strengthening protected areas, increasing financing for protected area management and for achieving sustainable and equitable development. Run effectively, protected area concessions represent public-private partnerships that can increase employment and livelihood opportunities in a sustainable and inclusive manner.

By looking for opportunities to work with concessionaires, protected area agencies can do more for conservation and visitors to their protected areas and help produce a range of financial, economic and social benefits, all of which will help to make conservation more viable in the long term. This publication assists protected area staff to plan for, allocate and manage concession activities to maximize the benefits of working with the private sector. It aims to boost the capability of protected area managers, governments and the private sector to develop and manage tourism concessions that protect the environment, foster rural development and provide business and economic opportunities from conservation. It provides tools that can support staff to establish and run effective concession systems that deliver successful outcomes and attract investment, benefiting both conservation and communities.

The book is a joint effort with the New Zealand Department of Conservation, Mongolia’s Ministry of Environment and Green Development and the United States National Park Service, with valuable case studies from many countries. It is a jam-packed collection of knowledge, lessons and experiences documenting the know-how which many park agencies around the world have tried, tested and learned from.

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