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State of Nepal’s Birds 2010

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State of Nepal's Birds 2010, produced by Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN; BirdLife in Nepal), aims to raise awareness amongst policymakers, the general public and conservation organisations of the plight of Nepal’s birds and the responses needed to help secure their conservation. It shows that, since the last assessment of Nepal’s birds in 2004, the status of the country’s avifauna has deteriorated. There are now 149 bird species considered nationally threatened, 16 more than in 2004. Human activities lay behind these declines, especially those associated with the spread of agriculture. Fortunately, the Nepalese Government recognises the importance of biodiversity, whilst across the country there are numerous excellent examples of conservation being carried out by a range of Non-Governmental Organisations. Many of these recent successes are discussed in detail within the report.

To download the publication, access the following link:

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