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A Search for Management Approaches to Enhance Biodiversity and Quality of Governance in Protected Areas of Bangladesh ("E-poster for WPC Stream 6")

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The tropics are known to exhibit high biodiversity. However, most research focuses on remnant natural ecosystems. As major parts of tropical landscapes are dominated by human land use pressure, the importance of understanding the ecology and economics of different management institutions in these managed landscapes is increasingly recognized as an issue. Moreover, in the absence of effective management decision regarding biodiversity conservation and governance, the vast forest dependent rural poor people from surrounding villages impose heavy pressure on these natural resources. These pressures have led to the over exploitation which results in an accelerated rate of resource depletion. Forest ecosystems become unsustainable through this destruction and depletion of resources.
This proposal focuses on the ecological economic analysis of two different forest management approaches viz. National Park (participatory/co-management) and Reserve Forest (traditional) in Bangladesh forest ecosystems. The aim is to compare the management effectiveness for enhancing forest health (biodiversity), rural livelihood and the quality of governance in these two different approaches. This will identify the ecology of two different management institutions (national park and reserve forest) that focuses on the stand characteristics and spatial patterns of biodiversity as they are rarely studied in the tropics in general and in Bangladesh in particular. This proposal will also analyze the effects of soils, topographic conditions, disturbances and nature protection on plant species richness and species composition. Distance-decay approach will apply to analyze the spatial pattern of biodiversity for the two subsamples from National Park (protected area) and Reserve Forest.
This will ultimately reduce the pressures and the enhance the quality of governance in protected areas.

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