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The Legal Aspects of Connectivity Conservation: A Concept Paper I IUCN

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The Legal Aspects of Connectivity Conservation: A Concept Paper is the result of dedicated work
and collaborations that began in 2011 and continued through to completion of the project at the end
of 2012. The publication builds upon and complements the IUCN Guidelines on Protected Areas
Legislation (Lausche 2011), which set out key elements for modern protected areas (PA) legislation.
As a major project in its own right, the Guidelines were not able to analyse in depth the critical law
and policy aspects of conservation initiatives outside protected areas that are needed to sustain and
increase their resilience in the face of ongoing threats from development and increasing global change,
including climate change.

The legal research and analyses reflected in this paper span international, regional, national and local
levels. A range of legal instruments existing in most national legal systems, from conservation and
sustainable use laws to land use planning, development control, voluntary conservation and economic
instruments are explored. The paper is intended to offer concrete ideas of existing and potential legal
tools and approaches that countries can use immediately to initiate priority connectivity conservation
actions and to strengthen them progressively. It also is intended to provide a conceptual baseline for
future research and case studies to continue to define and develop connectivity conservation law
for supporting protected areas and for providing opportunities to address climate change as part of
biodiversity conservation agendas.

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