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Landscape of REDD+ Aligned Finance in Côte d’Ivoire

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The Landscape of REDD+ Aligned Finance in Côte d’Ivoire identifies the nature and volume of domestic and international public finance that was contributing to limiting deforestation and encouraging sustainable land use in the country in 2015. It provides a baseline against which to measure progress towards the levels of investment required to drive sustainable agriculture and reforestation. It also identifies opportunities to increase finance available for implementation of the National REDD+ Strategy.

The Report shows public finance that went to activities that impact on land use in 2015 and that are therefore considered “relevant” in the context of Côte d’Ivoire’s National REDD+ Strategy. These sectors include agriculture, forestry, domestic energy, environment, mining, and planning policy. The analysis further divides finance for these “REDD+ relevant” activities into:

• REDD+ aligned finance for activities that directly contribute to reducing the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation and to enhancing and protecting forest cover, as per the objectives of the National REDD+ Strategy.

• Grey finance for activities that could contribute to maintaining and enhancing Côte d’Ivoire’s forests if other enabling conditions were in place. These are agricultural intensification activities that may be driving deforestation and require additional safeguards to ensure that forests are not converted.

This analysis is based on 2015 Ministry of Budget disbursed investment data for 12 relevant ministries. International data is based on data from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and survey returns from 9 donors. Data interpretation is based on project descriptions obtained from the Ministry of Planning, as well as expert consultations and workshops.

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