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Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation

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These guidelines are the result of a joint effort, led by the IUCN Environmental Law Centre, to update and expand the 1980 guidelines with practical state-of-the-art guidance for those interested in strengthening protected areas legislation, including legal drafters, protected areas professionals, policy makers, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, and members of the academic community.

The Guidelines for Protected Areas Legislation discuss these emerging issues as well as many others, illustrated with the help of 15 case studies that examine national protected areas legislation and specific types of protected areas.

The purpose of these guidelines is to update and expand the original guidelines published in 1980 (Lausche, 1980), and to reflect new developments and emerging issues. These developments include significant advances in international environmental law, and an improved scientific understanding of the role of protected areas in nature conservation, including conserving biodiversity, maintaining ecosystem functions and supporting sustainable development.

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