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Equator Initiative Case Study - Riba Agroforestry Resource Centre (RARC)

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Riba Agroforestry Resource Centre is a community-based organization working in mountainous northwest Cameroon, close to Kilum-Ijim Mountain Forest. The Centre promotes sustainable tree-based farming to rehabilitate watersheds and degraded land and generate income for the local community. A rural resource centre provides training in agroforestry and nursery management, watershed protection, beekeeping, microfinance, and marketing of tree seedlings and farm produce.
The initiative’s tree-based farming system has successfully halted deforestation and improved soil fertility, while sales from tree and honey nurseries are supporting sustainable livelihoods. The initiative is guided by a self-help ethos, which has served to empower members of the community, promote gender equity, and instill a belief in the community’s collective capacity to achieve positive change and a sustainable future. The Equator Initiative brings together the United Nations, governments, civil society, businesses and grassroots organizations to recognize and advance local sustainable development solutions for people, nature and resilient communities. As local and indigenous groups across the world chart a path towards sustainable development, the Equator Prize--issued biennially by the Equator Initiative--shines a spotlight on their efforts by honoring them on an international stage. This project was awarded the Equator Prize in recognition of its contribution to local sustainable development solutions.

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