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A draft framework for understanding SDG interactions by International Council for Science (ICSU)

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This working paper presents a framework to characterise interactions between different sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the context of the 2030 Agenda that is relevant for both research and policy analysis to support a coherent implementation of the 2030 Agenda. The framework has been developed as part of a project led by the International Council for Science to explore an integrated and strategic approach to the implementation of the SDGs, recognizing the important interlinkages across the SDGs. While the scientific community has emphasized the need for a systems approach to sustainable development, scientists, like policy-makers, are now facing the challenge of turning the goals into reality, and achieving progress across the economic, social and environmental dimensions worldwide. This paper presents a conceptual tool Part 1 Presentation of the framework
1 to start unpacking interlinkages across the Sustainable Development Goals and provide a common basis for scientists, policymakers and practitioners to jointly explore how the SDG puzzle fits together and how it can be successfully implemented.

The framework consists of a typology of interactions, organized on a sevenpoint ordinal scale, along with a number of important dimensions, which can then be applied in illustrative case studies at different levels and in different situations. It is intended to form the basis of a much broader exercise to be developed with partners from research and practice to test and apply the framework via case studies of SDG interactions in various contexts. The framework and case studies together are intended to be a tool for the translation of the SDGs into policy and practice.

June 2016
Måns Nilsson, Dave Griggs,
Martin Visbeck and Claudia Ringler

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