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We offer dedicated discussion forums for our members on each of the 20 Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Discussion forums are also available on these topics: spatial planning, targets and indicators, gender mainstreaming, policy and legislation, the Clearing-House Mechanism, biosaftey, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Sixth National Report to the CBD. These forums provides a platform to our members to work together improve their capacity to develop, implement and monitor NBSAPs and National Reports. As we work together to achieve our shared global commitment to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), we hope these forums support you to improve your technical capacity on these topics. Join the discussion today!

Topic Replies Views Post Date
ELSA: Solutions for Water Security in the Central Region of Colombia Spatial Planning 205 Diego Ochoa  March 16, 2021
ELSA: Soluciones para la Gestión del Recurso Hídrico en la Región Central de Colombia Spatial Planning 136 Diego Ochoa  March 16, 2021
Mesa Técnica de Indicadores ODS15 | SDG 15 Indicators Technical Roundtable - Ecuador NASA - Ecuador 122 Diego Ochoa  February 26, 2021
Mesa Técnica de Indicadores ODS15 | SDG 15 Indicators Technical Roundtable - Colombia NASA - Colombia 129 Diego Ochoa  February 26, 2021
Mesa Técnica de Indicadores ODS15 | SDG 15 Indicators Technical Roundtable - Peru NASA - Peru 107 Diego Ochoa  February 26, 2021
Last call to register for 2nd edition of the Designing a Multidimensional Poverty Index MOOC (2021) in EN, FR, SP Learning Opportunity 261 Viktoriia Brezheniuk  February 2, 2021
NASA FOREST INTEGRITY PROJECT DATA ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS NASA - Forest Integrity Project 205 Jaris Emmanuel ...  October 29, 2020
Registration in Open: Free online course on Green Entrepreneurship Learning Opportunity 1 804 Pau segui  January 27, 2021
Nature for Life Hub - Mapping Nature for People and Planet: The Big Enchilada Announcements 639 Marion Marigo  September 24, 2020
STARTING TOMORROW - Nature for Life Hub Announcements 508 Marion Marigo  September 24, 2020
Galapagos: forest cover / coberturas en bosque NASA - Ecuador 499 Ivan Gonzalez  September 18, 2020
UNEP Digital Discovery Series | Sneak Peak of UN Biodiversity Lab 2.0 | Presentations & Recording Available! Spatial Planning 932 Annie Virnig  September 17, 2020
Registration in Open: Free online course on Gender and Mining Governance Learning Opportunity 1,107 Viktoriia Brezheniuk  August 21, 2020
Tabla indicadores ODS15 contactos Coordinators & PhD students 1 14 Ivan Gonzalez  August 8, 2020
NASA-PNUD Productos - Meta SDG 15 NASA - Life on Land 284 Marion Marigo  August 12, 2020
Para comentarios - Plan de trabajo del equipo cientifico NASA - Life on Land 1 784 Marion Marigo  August 8, 2020
Webinar recording and presentations: informing the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework - SIDS and spatial data Spatial Planning 1,495 Marion Marigo  June 30, 2020
Can blended finance help increase investment in southern Africa's community-based conservation? Sustainable Development Goals 960 Jessica Smith  June 19, 2020
Webinar - Informing the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework: Lessons learned from the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Learning Opportunity 2,143 Marion Marigo  June 6, 2020
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