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Supporting complex decisions that don't undermine biodiversity

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Supporting complex decisions that don't undermine biodiversity

Hi, all.  These are exciting and very, very challenging times!   Turning 58 later this year, I'm becoming acutely aware of how little time we have left to decarbonize our planet and avoid more biodiversity loss and degradation of ecosystem health. Is anyone else feeling gripped by this kind of existential angst?  (Hopefully not - essential to keep ourselves grounded and strong.)

As part of the African Leadership Group, and former lead on Namibia's NBSAP1, I'd like to know who else in the NBSAP Forum is working on developing complex-decision-support tools to help people in countries, cities, states and provinces around the world make smart decisions about decarbonization, or any other kind of public policy, in ways that does not undermine biodiversity or ecosystem health.

Now working in the USA with the Conservation Biology Institute, I'm working on these, to accelerate our (global and regional) abilities to take complex decisions without biodiversity disaster. 

Please reply here if you are working in this area, and/or please paste your reply in an email to me at phoebe.barnard <at>    Warm thanks/ avec remerciements!   Phoebe

Prof Phoebe Barnard | Chief Science and Policy Officer, Conservation Biology Institute | Affiliate Professor, University of Washington | University of Cape Town, African Climate and Development Initiative | FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology