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West Asia

GEF- SGP Project: Water-use Efficiency For Women Gardens in Mahferhen, Hadibo, Socotra- Yemen

Summary: Since long time and for several reasons Socotra lacks vegetable and fruit supplies. Some of the reasons are due to limited water resources; environmental factors (drought period and monsoon) shut the island for several months, location (its long distance from mainland) and inhabitants’ lack of knowledge of growing and using vegetables and water use efficiency. In recent years, Socotri women are solely active in gardening for home use and selling limited surplus products.

The National Biodiversity Strategy And Action Plan (2015-2020)- Jordan

The remarkable biodiversity of Jordan is a reflection of its varied physical characteristics which have yielded an unusual case of richness in landforms and biological diversity in terms of landscapes, ecosystems and species. At the intersection of three continents, Jordan encapsulates four bio-geographical regions: Mediterranean, Irano-Turanian, Saharo-Arabian, and the Sudanian Penetration. All four transform into 13 vegetation types which, in turn, embrace over 4,000 species of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine fauna and flora.

Iraq National Biodiversity Strategy And Action Plan (2015 - 2020) - First Draft


Iraq is developing its first National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) for the period (2015-2020), to overcome the main problems that the biodiversity in Iraq is facing, and to comply to one of its obligations towards the Convention on Biological Diversity. The National Targets in the NBSAP, have been linked to the Global Strategy on Biodiverity 2011-2020 and its Aichi Targets.The preparation process of the strategy included an intensive consultations with stakeholders.

Expresión de interés de apoyo técnico

Estimados Colegas, el Foro EPANB (NBSAP Forum) proporciona enlaces a una serie de fuentes de financiamiento para apoyar a países elegibles en la revisión e implementación de las EPANBs, entre estos, se encuentran el Fondo para el Medio Ambiente Mundial (GEF), la Comisión Europea, la Iniciativa Darwin del Gobierno del Reino Unido y el Fondo Japonés para la Biodiversidad.

Equator Initiative Case Study – Women and Earth (Tajikistan)

Women and Earth works to attain access to land for landless farmers, support diversified farming methods, and promote the conservation of biodiversity through responsible natural resource management. Over 2,000 landless farmers have received land parcels as a result of the group’s advocacy, and solar vegetable dryers, solar-powered greenhouses and energy-efficient ovens have been provided to poor households.

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