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How reading is related to writing skill?

Academic have so many task. Writing is a one type of academic task. In the case of writing the academic marks are depends on the quality of the paper and submission date. Academic marks are very important and it not only depends on the exams but also depends on other task.

Learning Opportunity

Resume Of Advances On The Resilience Project On Pollution At Eastern Las Vegas

The resilience project on Pollution at Eastern Las Vegas started in November 2017 with the course “Introduction to Resilience for Development - Part 1: Understanding Resilience Thinking” has had several advances by now: it was a participation in the meeting between a panel of experts from the Des


Systematic Conservation Planning in the Wyoming Basins

- The Wyoming Basins Ecoregion (WBE) comprises 13.3 million hectares of basin, plain, desert,
and “island” mountains in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, and Utah (Bailey 1996). The area
is a stronghold for the greater sage‐grouse (Centrocercus u

Marine Protected Areas: Legal Framework for the Gully off the Coast of Nova Scotia (Canada) I IUCN

The Gully, a submarine canyon hosting a rich diversity of marine life off Nova Scotia, was designated
in 2004 under Canada’s Oceans Act 1996 as a marine protected area (MPA). This case study reviews
the Gully MPA legal and management framework through a five-part discussion. First described is the
overall Canadian law and policy context for establishing MPAs. Next, specific legislative and regulatory
provisions governing the Gully MPA are summarized including the three types of management zones

Legal Framework for Protected Areas: Ontario (Canada) I IUCN

This case study examines the newly revised statutory framework applicable in Ontario, Canada’s
largest province. Key aspects of the modernization initiative include the introduction of an ecological
integrity standard, and a refined distinction between parks and conservation reserves, the latter offering
significantly greater opportunities for traditional land use activities on the part of aboriginal or First
Nations communities. The very wide range of protected areas across Ontario is not comprehensively

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