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Transforming Development: The Science and Practice of Resilience Thinking

Resilience thinking includes the ability to persist in the face of challenges, adapt to new realities, or transform to fundamentally new paths for development. Resilience thinking is more than a theory, more than a set of tools. It is a way of seeing the world, offering a new perspective of how change in the world happens. Resilience thinking provides a new approach for building understanding and taking action in a complex world that is deeply interconnected and ever-changing. Trailer:

CBD Online Reporting Tool - 6NR Webinar Series

The CBD Online Report Tool allows countries to enter data and prepare their national report before submitting them to the CBD before December 2018.

6NR Taller Virtual de Inicio

En febrero de 2018, el equipo del proyecto del Sexto Informe Nacional (CDB) organizó una serie de cinco sesiones del taller inicial, lanzando oficialmente el Proyecto 6NR con los 64 países apoyados por el PNUD/GEF, así como países apoyados por el PNUE.

Atelier virtuel de lancement des 6NR

En février 2018, l'équipe Projet sur les Sixièmes Rapports Nationaux pour la CDB a organisé cinq sessions d'atelier de lancement officiel du projet, avec les 64 pays appuyés par le PNUD/PNUE/GEF.

6NR Inception Workshop sessions (English)

In February 2018, the Sixth National Report to CBD project team has organized a series of five Inception Workshop sessions, officially launching the 6NR Project with the 64 UNDP//UNEP/GEF-supported countries.

Applying Resilience Thinking to National Biodiversity Plans

Applying Resilience Thinking to National Biodiversity Plans discusses how resilience thinking can be used to help facilitate delivery of the global biodiversity and development agendas. With a focus on national biodiversity plans, the course shows how resilience thinking can inform policymaking, planning, and implementation to deliver on the ABTs and the SDGs.

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