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Information Systems For Biodiversity And Protected Area Management – Understanding Interactions Between Conservation And Livelihoods

To improve the long term conservation of biodiversity in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) regions by providing better, more relevant and more accessible information for protected areas management, setting up a network of regional BIOPAMA observatories, developing a Reference Information System to host and facilitate the exchange of data, and to provide the associated capacity building to contribute to, and effectively use, these tools.

Conservation And Sustainable Use Models, At Guatemalan Protected Areas

Previously the establishment of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve, resources at the area were depredated principally for timber and hunting. Populations with no land certainty used resources with no sustainability guidelines. After the establishment of the MBR not many things changed and government was pushed to create a functional mechanism that reduced the depredation of resources.The concession mechanisms established gave the opportunity to organized communities and private enterprises to participate in the management and sustainable use of resources.

Expresión de interés de apoyo técnico

Estimados Colegas, el Foro EPANB (NBSAP Forum) proporciona enlaces a una serie de fuentes de financiamiento para apoyar a países elegibles en la revisión e implementación de las EPANBs, entre estos, se encuentran el Fondo para el Medio Ambiente Mundial (GEF), la Comisión Europea, la Iniciativa Darwin del Gobierno del Reino Unido y el Fondo Japonés para la Biodiversidad.

Equator Initiative Case Study - Integrated Forestry Enterprise of Bayamo

Integrated Forestry Enterprise of Bayamo is a state-run forest enterprise operating Granma Province, Cuba. In 1999, Granma was one of two pilot sites for an ecological forest farms (Fincas Forestales Ecológicas) initiative, which put reforestation of Cauto River basin in the hands of smallholder farmers. The working model saw plots of land assigned to interested households for concession periods of 30 years.

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