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Post-Doc opportunity on biodiversity finance with the Irish Research Council

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Post-Doc opportunity on biodiversity finance with the Irish Research Council

As part of its mandate, the Irish Research Council seeks to enrich the pool of knowledge and expertise available and accessible for addressing Ireland’s current and future needs, whether societal, cultural or economic, by funding excellent research and researchers. In 2015, the Council is launching a pilot Research for Policy and Society Programme. The aim of this programme is to build partnerships with government departments and agencies in order to enable peer-reviewed research/initiatives to underpin policy decisions, and to assist cultural and societal development.

The attached document sets out details of the Pilot Research for Policy & Society Awards Scheme 2015. The post-doc opportunity on biodiversity finance can be found on pages 13 - 14. Include are the Terms and Conditions of application, the application process, evaluation criteria, and advance information for successful applicants. You can also learn more here:

The loss of biological diversity and the consequent decline in ecosystem services is increasing at an unprecedented rate. A strategy for resource mobilization was agreed by the Parties to the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) to substantially enhance the level of funding support. It was envisaged this could deliver a reduction of the existing funding gaps in support of the conservation of biodiversity. From a national perspective, research is required to quantify these financial flows and identify possible actions that could facilitate the increased mobilization of financial resources from public/private sector sources to achieve national biodiversity targets. Policy support arising from such research would inform Ireland’s next National Biodiversity Plan due in 2017, the EU’s Biodiversity 2020 Strategy, and support to Government with financial reporting obligations.