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Transforming the biodiversity crisis into opportunity

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Transforming the biodiversity crisis into opportunity

We are witnessing our planet being pushed to its limits. We face a global biodiversity emergency, a climate emergency, and a public health emergency, all stemming from the destruction of nature. Despite our best efforts, nations failed to fully meet a single global target to protect nature in the past decade. The impact of this is permeates our daily lives. It is visible as we watch health systems unravel faced with crushing caseloads from a virus that inflected humans due to increasing wildlife contact. It is written in the faces of school children marching to compel global leaders to take action to mitigate the climate crisis. It is palpable as we watch our planet’s iconic animals face extinction. In this blog, learn more about UNDP, UNEP, and UNEP WCMC's recomendations on the design and implementation of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework can help overcome these gaps. 


I think that it can work out like that given that there are so many changes that we can see. I hope that we can talk about this properly. It’s really cool that it worked out that way and I hope that it can continue. There are some changes that we can see and I hope that it works out.