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Connect with conservation planning experts and policy makers from around the world


A growing community of over 4,000 members from over 190 countries belong to the NBSAP Forum. We attract biodiversity, conservation and sustainable development experts, planners and policy makers from around the globe. Our members include government ministry staff, national CBD focal points, nonprofits, academics, and subject matter experts from the United Nations and many other agencies. They specialize in the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the development and execution of national conservation strategies and actions. You can search for members by language, expertise, country, region and NBSAP role. You can also click on any member profile and connect with them through a private email. Join the discussion today!

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Abigayil Blandon
Stockholm Resilience Centre

Carol-Anne Blenman
Violeta Consulting Services

Clara Bocchino
AHEAD-GLTFCA Network Coordinator
University of Pretoria

Ellie Bock
RAIN Pty Ltd

Gitanjali Bodner
The Nature Conservancy in Arizona

Alexandre BODO EBODE
Centre Interrégional de Coordination (CIC)

Juan Bol
Research Assistant
Delaware State University


Ralph Bona
NBSAP Project Manager
Environment Protection Agency

Patrick Newton Bondo
Outreach Social Care Project

Patrick Newton Bondo
Outreach Social Care Project

Patrick Newton Bondo
Outreach Social Care Project

Superior Bail Bonds
Superior Bail Bonds

Victor Bonfim
Minist̬re des Travaux Publiques et Ressources Naturelles

Elisabetta Bonotto
UN Environment

Andrea Carolina...
Instituto Interamericano de Cooperación para la Agricultura - IICA