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Corporate Communications Manager
PT Donggi-Senoro LNG

Mr.  Hanafi  has  over  25  years  of  experience  working  on  international  relations  and  organization, marketing communications, and sustainable development with the United Nations and corporations. He has worked at the policy and community level across 12 provinces, 43 cities and regencies in Indonesia, 6 fellowship countries in Asia Pacific and the United States. He has held various capacities that have demonstrated his strengths in building partnerships and increasing stakeholder engagement, across inter-government, non- profit organization and the private sectors.

Mr. Hanafi has a wide range of expertize on the development spectrum from gender and development, youth and inclusion initiatives, to effective governance and crisis management. He co-developed UNDP’s regional flagship initiative, N-PEACE through which he worked with key influencers to create positive policy changes for women’s rights in post-conflict countries, trained women and community organizations on leadership and advocacy skills, and created high visibility advocacy campaigns, leading to social media exposure of over 1.5 million people.

He has a strong background in bringing people together, whether at large policy forums or through the creation of knowledge networks that have connected thousands of practitioners on common development issues. Mr. Hanafi has been engaging with the private sector on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Communications issues, and has veritable experience in developing CSR and communications strategy, creating flagship social impact initiatives and developing strategic partnership opportunities for private companies in regards to the CSR program.

Gender mainstreaming
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