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A growing community of over 4,000 members from over 190 countries belong to the NBSAP Forum. We attract biodiversity, conservation and sustainable development experts, planners and policy makers from around the globe. Our members include government ministry staff, national CBD focal points, nonprofits, academics, and subject matter experts from the United Nations and many other agencies. They specialize in the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the development and execution of national conservation strategies and actions. You can search for members by language, expertise, country, region and NBSAP role. You can also click on any member profile and connect with them through a private email. Join the discussion today!

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Cesar Aponte
Casa de Cronopios

Stela Apostolova

Asterio APPI
Department of Enviroment Nauru

Lorena Aracena

Israel AragÌ_n
Gobierno regional Cusco

José Aragón
PhD Student
University of Northern British Columbia

José Aragón
PhD Student
University of Northern British Columbia

José Aragón
PhD Student
University of Northern British Columbia

Evelio Arambiza...
CABI – Yangareko

Hugo Aranibar Rojas
Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Agua

Aylin Maria Aras

María Araya

Jose Luis Arboleda
National Academy of Science and Technology PHL

Darson Archbold

Prudence Archer

Bertha Arcondo ...

michael arcos

Noor Alifa Ardi...

Fakunle John AREMU


Katerin Arevalo...
Universidad Veracruzana

Md. Arfanuzzaman
Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies

Isaac Roberto A...

Freddy Argotty
Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza CATIE (Turrialba - Costa Rica)

Eugenia Arguedas
Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservación

Eugenio Arguedas

Ariana Arguedas

Donfack Ariane

Sidey Arias
Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica

Jenny Arias

Mohammad Ariful...
UN Volunteer

Ligy Arison



Arleen Curiel

Arlie Holloman