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Jonathan Baillie

Conservation Programmes Director
Zoological Society of London

Professor Jonathan Baillie is responsible for conservation projects focusing on threatened species and habitats in over 50 countries around the world. His research focus lies in defining the status and trends of the world‰Ûªs species and ecosystems. He has been the lead editor on a number of the IUCN Red Lists and the lead editor of Evolution Lost: Status of the World‰Ûªs Vertebrates, and has played a key role in developing a number of major biodiversity indicators such as the WWF Living Planet Index, the IUCN Red List Index and the Wildlife Picture Index. In 2007 he founded the EDGE of Existence Programme with a team at ZSL. It is the only global conservation initiative to focus specifically on threatened species that represent a significant amount of unique evolutionary history. He also helped lead a recent experiment called Project Ocean in partnership with Selfridges & Co, to essentially make sustainably sourced fish fashionable. A further interest of his is identifying ways to leverage the effectiveness of the conservation community through creating innovative funding mechanisms, developing new conservation tools and techniques, scaling up training and capacity building efforts and encouraging large-scale conservation planning processes.

Science and research
Access and benefits sharing
Climate resilience
Ecosystem services
Species and extinctions
Protected areas
Vulnerable ecosystems
Sustainable fisheries
Habitat fragmentation and degradation
Sustainable production and consumption
Biodiversity mainstreaming
Biodiversity awareness
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November 2013