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Arjunanelayaraja Arjunan


<p>The NGO AALAMARAM was instituted in the year 2009 with an intention of implementing various welfare activities by the energetic rural youth of different villages of the Cuddalore district. It was initiated and headed by Mr Arjunan Elayaraja, the founder and secretary of the NGO. The team strongly believed that various issues can be set right by revolts, agitation and protests, but not environmental threats, especially the air pollution. So, they decided to contribute to the protection and purification of the environment by a novel initiative of “afforesting the mangroves along the coasts near the villages. Researches tell that mangrove grooves emit oxygen all 24 hours of the day and so the team plunged into planting of mangroves, which was not an easy task for them. The seeds were to be imported and it incurred a huge sum of money. Without taking any grants from the Government in any form, the team enthusiastically planted more than 1 laks 50,000 Thousand saplings in the last 7 years. Meanwhile they faced many hardships like the flood which destroyed many mangrove trees. In spite of all these hardships and hurdles, the team was overjoyed to see the first seed in one of the mangrove trees and this was the golden fruit of their toil of 7 years. This seed has sown the seeds of confidence in their hearts that further more trees will also bear seeds and it will reduce their cost of importing seeds from outside. The team AALAMARAM is joyously celebrating this instance as this is the reward for their hardwork and the hardships they have met in their journey.</p>

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