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Abdelwahab Afefe

Nature Conservation Sector, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency

Abdelwahab Afefe is an Ecologist at the Nature Conservation Sector within the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).
He worked for over 12 years in the field of assessment & conservation of wild flora, vegetation cover mapping and protected areas management.
He represents the Egyptian Government as a national focal point for the Arab states network of plant genetic resources under the League of Arab States (LAS) from 2012 until now. He is also a focal point of EEAA at the National scientific committee of plant for the implementation of CITES Convention in Egypt from 2008.
Abdelwahab selected as first responsible person for the Agricultural Biodiversity Work Programme in EEAA from 2006. He also got a grant from the UNESCO national competition for young scientists to implement research in environmental field.
Abdelwahab obtained his BSc in Agricultural sciences and MSc in Plant ecology. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in field of climate change working on Mangrove forest ecology.
Also, he got a scholarship from Italy; where he studied the Sustainable Agriculture and got a postgraduate diploma in this field.
Abdelwahab published many research articles, reports, and posters in the field of biodiversity during his career. He has also collaborated with several national and international projects related to biodiversity assessment and conservation.
He also participated in many international events related to biodiversity and environment in several countries.

Access and benefits sharing
Biodiversity mainstreaming
Ecosystem services
Genetic diversity
Habitat fragmentation and degradation
Invasive alien species
Spatial planning
Sustainable production and consumption
Sustainable resource management
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