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PhD Research - Collaboration

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PhD Research - Collaboration

Dear all,

I am PhD student at the University of Aveiro in Portugal* and my research is focused on post-fire management, and the need for a policy framework for post-fire management in Portugal. I intend to identify and assess policies/ guidelines/ legal framework for post-fire management adopted in other international contexts. My approach will be to find and analyze scientific papers or other literature documenting policies for post-fire management, and later to contact some authors to assess their visions on the effectiveness and/or gaps of those policies.

If you have or know any publications in this field, can you please send to

Your contribution will be very important!

Looking forward to hear from you,

Best regards

Cristina Ribeiro

*Supervised by Professor Celeste Coelho (, Dr. Sandra Valente ( from University of Aveiro and Professor Luuk Fleskens (

9 February, 2017 - 11:53