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DATA ANALYSIS WORKSHOP USING STATA (SpecailSpecial focus on using NSS data) APRIL 13-19, 2017

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DATA ANALYSIS WORKSHOP USING STATA (SpecailSpecial focus on using NSS data) APRIL 13-19, 2017


The week-long course aims to build a pool of active and statistically savvy social scientist; who can confidently deal with large scales sample survey like NSS data and primary survey data.

The first part (30% of time allocation) of the course is focused on dealing with the basic statistical concepts, development of tools for collecting primary data. Participants will learn the basic statistical concept such as different statistical methods, basic and inferential statistics and analytical design. In addition, questionnaire development for data collection, data collection procedure, quality controls of data for primary survey and analysis of primary survey data. In the first section, participants will also learn to handle STATA effectively.

The second part (70%-time allocation), a considerable amount of time will be spent in this segment of the workshop, is focused on building capacity to deal with NSS (national sample survey data). The introductory session provides an understanding of complex but systematic sampling method of NSS to capture the socio-economic diversity of the population and use of sampling weights to produce population estimates from survey data.

The special focus will be given to building blocks of dealing with NSS data: Preparing data set: a) extraction and merging of NSS data for analysis, generating variables of interest through combination of existing variables in the data etc., b) analyzing the data: presenting population and sub –population estimates using weight, c) data visualization: presenting the findings in innovative ways.

2 March, 2017 - 08:10