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Sixth National Reports - Technical Guidance documents (English, Spanish, French)


The 6NR Technical Guidance provides guidance to GEF-eligible Parties to the CBD in their work to develop high quality, gender-responsive and data-driven sixth national reports (6NR) using global and national indicators by 31 Dec. 2018. Our goal is to build the capacity of Parties to ensure that this reporting process improves national decision-making processes related to the implementation of NBSAPs, utilizes the best available data to monitor indicators of biodiversity status and trends, and effectively engage stakeholders to develop reports on progress towards achieving each ABT.

CBD Online Reporting Tool - 6NR Webinar Series

The CBD Online Report Tool allows countries to enter data and prepare their national report before submitting them to the CBD before December 2018.

6NR Taller Virtual de Inicio

En febrero de 2018, el equipo del proyecto del Sexto Informe Nacional (CDB) organizó una serie de cinco sesiones del taller inicial, lanzando oficialmente el Proyecto 6NR con los 64 países apoyados por el PNUD/GEF, así como países apoyados por el PNUE.

Applying Resilience Thinking to National Biodiversity Plans

Applying Resilience Thinking to National Biodiversity Plans discusses how resilience thinking can be used to help facilitate delivery of the global biodiversity and development agendas. With a focus on national biodiversity plans, the course shows how resilience thinking can inform policymaking, planning, and implementation to deliver on the ABTs and the SDGs.


La presente investigación realizada en la parte noroccidental de Perú, tiene como objetivo determinar las amenazas y generar las estrategias de manejo para las dos áreas naturales protegidas en estudio (Parque Nacional Cerros de Amotape, Reserva Nacional de Tumbes) que incorporen el componente del cambio climático,implementando todos los esfuerzos necesarios para que los ecosistemas mantengan su resiliencia y que se haga un esfuerzo pro-activo que contribuya a mantener la “materia
prima” de estos importantes ecosistemas.

Introduction To Resilience For Development Part 2 - Meet The Experts / Introducción A La Resiliencia Para El Desarrollo Parte 2 - Conozca A Los Expertos / Introduction À La Résilience Pour Le Développement Partie 2 - Décourvrez Les Experts

Our learning team looks forward to working with you during Part 2 of the Introduction to Resilience for Development course, Applying Resilience Thinking to National Biodiversity Plans! We’re here to support you as you work through the course. Check out below to meet your course facilitation team – these are the experts who you will be in touch with during the course. You can also meet our course production team. Finally, meet our course webinar speakers – these are the experts who you will be speaking in our various webinars over the coming three weeks, 23 January - 12 February 2018.

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