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Introduction to Human Rights and the Environment

This course covers the relationship between human rights and the environment; explains the bases for the application of human rights to environmental issues, and the procedural and substantive obligations relating to the environment; and gives examples of constitutions that have incorporated a right to a healthy environment, good practices in procedural and substantive environmental protection. You need about 3 hours to complete the course. 

Introduction to Environmental Governance

This course covers the basic principles and concepts of international environmental governance, explaining how international environmental agreements and policies are made, and by whom; who ensures that these agreements are complied with and, if necessary, enforced; how governance works on the level “above” the national jurisdictions, where there is no all encompassing competence as is the case on the State level. You need about 3 hours to complete the course. 

Global framework for a pollution-free planet

This course introduces you to the impact and cost of pollution , the international legal framework for a pollution-free planet, which covers global legally binding and non-legally binding agreements, and the elements of a framework for action. It will take you 4 hour approximately to complete the course, excluding additional materials.

Environmental Human Rights Defenders

This course will expose you to the crisis of Environmental Defenders. It has been estimated that about 1600 environmental defenders have been killed since 2002, while many others and their families are subject of threats and violent attacks, enforced disappearances, illegal surveillance, travel bans, blackmail, judicial harassment, etc. This course will introduce you to their stories, the reasons behind such violence, the obligations of States to protect them and the work that the UN is undertaken to denounce and stop theses human rights violations.

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