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The NBSAP Forum contains 1,000 Aichi Biodiversity Target-related resources and is one of the largest repositories of this kind of information. We offer free downloads of papers, scientific articles, resource guides, presentations, videos and reports. Each resource is tagged to the relevant Aichi Biodiversity Target and any related topics, such as spatial planning, national reporting and gender mainstreaming. You can share resources and explore our resource library here!

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    18 Draft Biodiversity Status Maps – 6NR | 18 cartes préliminaires sur l'état de la biodiversité – 6RN | 18 mapas preliminares de estado de biodiversidad – 6IN

    At the beginning of the 6NR process, we challenged Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity to double the number of maps used from your 5NR to your 6NR. Are you on track to meet this challenge? We have exciting news for you!  Using the UN Biodiversity Lab, and the global datasets available within it, we created 18 draft biodiversity status maps for your country.

    Workshop on Using National Reporting to Improve NBSAP Implementation and Development of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework - Presentations

    On Friday 23 November, during COP14 in Sharm-el-Sheik, was hosted a one-day workshop on Using National Reporting to Improve NBSAP Implementation and Development of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.
    During the introduction session, Jamison Ervin, Manager of the Nature for Development Program, gave a presentation on Reporting on Nature, emphasizing the biodiversity trends and the consequences for humanity. Her presentation is available in this post. 

    Webinar on Gender & Access and Benefits Sharing

    You can now access the recording of the webinar on Gender & Access and Benefit Sharing. The webinar presents the initial findings on gender analyzes of ABS value chains and share actionable recommendations to mainstream gender into ABS interventions in contribution to SDG 5. 

    You can access the recording here:

    6NR Technical Review Framework (EN | FR | SP)

    Dear users and colleagues working on the Sixth National Report to the CBD, we are delighted to share with you the Technical Review Framework for the 6NR. This technical review framework outlines the key elements that should be included in the 6NR. Following it will help ensure that each report is in alignment with the guidelines contained in annex to CBD/COP/DEC/XIII/27 and related guidance. The CBD Secretariat, UNDP and UN Environment developed it jointly. We encourage you to use this framework as a complementary guide while developing your 6NR.

    UN Biodiversity Lab : note d'information pour les Parties à la Convention sur la diversité biologique

    Le UN Biodiversity Lab est une plate-forme en ligne qui permet aux décideurs et autres partenaires d'accéder aux couches de données mondiales, de télécharger et de manipuler leurs propres ensembles de données et d'interroger plusieurs ensembles de données pour fournir des informations clés sur les objectifs de développement durable.

    UN Biodiversity Lab: Nota informativa para las Partes del Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biológica

    El UN Biodiversity Lab es una plataforma en línea que permite a los diseñadores de políticas y otros socios acceder a capas de datos globales, cargar y manipular sus propios conjuntos de datos y consultar múltiples conjuntos de datos para proporcionar información clave sobre las Metas de Aichi para la Diversidad Biológica y los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible basados ​​en la naturaleza.