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The NBSAP Forum contains 1,000 Aichi Biodiversity Target-related resources and is one of the largest repositories of this kind of information. We offer free downloads of papers, scientific articles, resource guides, presentations, videos and reports. Each resource is tagged to the relevant Aichi Biodiversity Target and any related topics, such as spatial planning, national reporting and gender mainstreaming. You can share resources and explore our resource library here!

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    Expanding Financing for Biodiversity Conservation EXPERIENCES FROM LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN

    This publication focuses on illustrating approaches used in four countries - Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru - to address the financing challenge they face in managing well-established biodiversity conservation areas. Learning from these and other promising
    experiences of successful financing schemes is an indispensable part of planning future conservation efforts and a prerequisite for fulfilling the ambition to increase protected areas globally.
    -World Bank

    Expresión de interés de apoyo técnico

    Estimados Colegas, el Foro EPANB (NBSAP Forum) proporciona enlaces a una serie de fuentes de financiamiento para apoyar a países elegibles en la revisión e implementación de las EPANBs, entre estos, se encuentran el Fondo para el Medio Ambiente Mundial (GEF), la Comisión Europea, la Iniciativa Darwin del Gobierno del Reino Unido y el Fondo Japonés para la Biodiversidad.

    Equator Initiative Case Study - Integrated Forestry Enterprise of Bayamo

    Integrated Forestry Enterprise of Bayamo is a state-run forest enterprise operating Granma Province, Cuba. In 1999, Granma was one of two pilot sites for an ecological forest farms (Fincas Forestales Ecológicas) initiative, which put reforestation of Cauto River basin in the hands of smallholder farmers. The working model saw plots of land assigned to interested households for concession periods of 30 years.