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Workshop Report: Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Development Policy and Planning

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The Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Development Policy and Planning initiative (2015-2017) aims to make best use of revised National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs) to improve the ways that development actors and processes handle the opportunities and constraints associated with biodiversity. The main objectives of the initiative’s first international workshop included providing support to countries to formulate national NBSAP mainstreaming implementation plans, sharing tips and tactics on using the NBSAP as a tool for mainstreaming, identifying capacity and guidance/tools required to support countries in mainstreaming biodiversity into development priorities, and communicating lessons and priorities in the form of a joint ‘Harare Statement’ on using NBSAPs as a tool for mainstreaming biodiversity into national and sectoral development policies in an era of Sustainable Development Goals and the green economy. This report summarises the workshop’s proceedings.

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