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What is Resilience? An introduction to social- ecological research

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This is an optional reading for Week 1 of the Introduction to Resilience for Development MOOC. Register for the course here:

This publication presents three major strands within resilience thinking and social-ecological research. It describes the profound imprint we humans have had on nature and ideas on how to deal with the resulting challenges. Based on the research conducted at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the three chapters illustrate how we can use the growing insights into the many challenges we are facing by starting to work with the processes of the biosphere instead of against them.

Chapter One describes in detail the complex interdependencies between people and ecosystems, Chapter Two takes us through the tremendous acceleration of human enterprise, especially since World War II, and Chapter Three highlights the fascinating paradox that the innovative capacity that has put us in the current environmental predicament can also be used to push us out of it.

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