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UNEP Sourcebook Of Opportunities For Enhancing Cooperation Among The Biodiversity-Related Conventions At National And Regional Levels

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The aim of the UNEP Sourcebook is to provide national focal points of the Biodiversity-related Conventions and other stakeholders working on these conventions with options to achieve enhanced implementation of the conventions through strengthening cooperation.

The Sourcebook has been developed as part of the UNEP project Improving the effectiveness of and cooperation among biodiversity-related conventions and exploring opportunities for further synergies, funded by the European Union and the Government of Switzerland. A key element in the process of its development was the close engagement of interested national focal points and other individuals from governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, the Secretariats of the Biodiversity-related Conventions, academia and others.

It gives practical advice for achieving synergies among the Biodiversity-related Conventions at national and regional levels, by presenting key lessons learnt form a range of different approaches that enhance cooperation and coordination among national focal points and other key stakeholders in different countries and regions. 

For more information about the Sourcebook, the overall project or the side event, please refer to the project website, or contact Katharina Rogalla von Bieberstein ( and Mads Christensen (

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