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UN Biodiversity Lab: Briefing Note for Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity

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The UN Biodiversity Lab is an online platform that allows policymakers and other partners to access global data layers, upload and manipulate their own datasets, and query multiple datasets to provide key information on the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and nature-based Sustainable Development Goals. The core mission of the UN Biodiversity Lab is three-fold: to build spatial literacy to enable better decisions, to use spatial data as a vehicle for improved transparency and accountability, and to apply insights from spatial data across sectors to deliver on the Convention on Biological Diversity and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  By creating a collaborative, open-source environment, the UN Biodiversity Lab is an inclusive and scalable data platform.

Key services of the UN Biodiversity Lab include:

  • Access to global spatial data layers for conservation and development planning
  • Facilitated access to high-quality spatial data on forest cover developed by NASA
  • Ability for countries to upload national data sets and manage the level of user access
  • Ability for queries to answer essential questions for conservation and development
  • Ability for users to export maps, data layers, and datasets for reporting and further analysis. Supported export formats include pdf, shapefile, GeoJSON, DXF, SQLite, and KML.
  • Assessments of data layer integrity by the UN, including data reliability, technical accessibility, data openness, and data sustainability.

The Briefing Note provides information for Parties to the CBD about how the UN Biodiversity Lab can support NBSAP implementation and development of their Sixth National Report to the CBD. 

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