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Traditional knowledge and community owned solutions in conservation and development - A Trainer’s Guide

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This guide emerges out of the ‘Integrating Traditional Knowledge into National Policy and Practice in
Guyana’, project (funded by the Darwin Initiative, UK government). The aim of the project was
to use a participatory, transparent and evidence-based process for traditional knowledge evaluation and
promotion, which meets biodiversity and poverty alleviation goals, and is reflected in national policy and can
be replicated elsewhere.

The project involved the participation of a number of civil society organisations and government ministries
and agencies in Guyana, in collaboration with research institutions in the UK. These organisations
developed and tested the approaches of this course through the support of Indigenous communities
living in and around Guyana’s protected areas that hold biodiversity of global significance and critically
endangered species.

Webinar titled 'Traditional knowledge for global biodiversity and development goals' held 12 July 2021, hosted by UNEP-WCMC.
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