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The NBSAP Forum contains 1,000 Aichi Biodiversity Target-related resources and is one of the largest repositories of this kind of information. We offer free downloads of papers, scientific articles, resource guides, presentations, videos and reports. Each resource is tagged to the relevant Aichi Biodiversity Target and any related topics, such as spatial planning, national reporting and gender mainstreaming. You can share resources and explore our resource library here!

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    Tips for incorporation of biodiversity and ecosystem service values into National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plan (NBSAPs)

    This best practice document provides a summary of the tips as set out in the ‘Incorporating biodiversity and ecosystem service values into NBSAPs: Roadmap to support NBSAP practitioners’, jointly produced by the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre and the Institute for European Environmental Policy (a web link to the full report follows the document text).