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South Africa Country Profile: International Outlook for Privately Protected Areas

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This country profile is part of a study entitled, "Myron, E., Fabiano, C., and Ahmed, H. International Outlook for Privately Protected Areas: Summary Report. International Land Conservation Network (a project of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy) - United Nations Development Programme, 2019.". The summary report provides an overview of the status of Privately Protected Areas in 30 countries throughout Latin America, Asia, the Pacific, and Sub-Saharan Africa. It summarizes the legal, policy, and institutional mechanisms used in these countries to establish and incentivize PPAs. Alongside the mechanisms currently existing in these 30 countries, this study references mechanisms that represent potential opportunities for the recognition or creation of PPAs.

PPAs contribute to the achievement of global conservation goals and biodiversity targets by contributing to landscape-scale conservation, connectivity and ecological-representativeness of protected areas. For the purposes of this profile, an area is considered a PPA if it conforms to the definition agreed upon by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). 

The data in this country profile is based on a 2018 desk review of law and policy documents, government reports, publications by multi-lateral organizations, scholarly literature, and other sources. This country profile is intended to be a living document, which will be updated periodically as more information is submitted and time and resources allow. If you have a contribution, please contact the authors at

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