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Shared goals – joined-up approaches? Why action under the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011–2020 needs to come together at the landscape level

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FEBA Discussion Paper for CBD COP 13 (Cancun, December 2016)

- Integrated management of ecosystems at the landscape level can greatly enhance the overall benefits that ecosystems provide to society, if approaches are in place that avoid degradation and loss of ecosystem services, take into Roman Mich account current and future vulnerabilities and maintain resilience.

- Enhanced coordination between national-level policy instruments for sustainable development, including strategies to address climate change, biodiversity loss, disaster risk reduction and land degradation, can provide large gains in efficiency. Linking these strategies, as well as their implementation, can help to make good use of available land resources, institutional capacity, expertise, skills and funding, and improve overall outcomes for human well-being.

- Action to promote the coherence of ecosystem-related policies and of their implementation can be taken by governments, funding institutions and other stakeholders such as NGOs or academia, including through creation of enabling structures and incentives, generation and dissemination of relevant knowledge, and demonstration of good practices.

- Positive examples of initiatives that integrate multiple policy goals exist and deserve wider recognition.

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