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Russian language - Indicators and Information Systems for biodiversity and development - guidance from the Pan European region.

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This document in Russian aims to help government staff responsible for biodiversity and sustainable development to have effective indicators and information systems for their work.
It presents the results and guidance materials from two projects implemented by the UN Environment Europe Office and the UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre from 2014 to 2016, with funding by the European Commission.
The document illustrates how indicators developed for revised NBSAPs can be relevant for SDGs, as well as for mainstreaming NBSAPs into development strategies. It then addresses the ways in which information systems are needed for decision-making on the environment, to provide information on the status and trends of biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and the supply and importance of ecosystem services.
The document presents a framework to support the design of a national biodiversity information system, linking data production and management to information analysis and communication. Such a system may include all aspects of biodiversity, or focus on selected topics such as protected areas or threatened species.
An annex gives links to the many guidance materials produced by UNEP-WCMC on biodiversity indicators, ecosystem services, assessments, use of spatial data and scenarios in support of NBSAPs.

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