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The Politics of Sustainable Development in the United Kingdom

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This is a book about the difficulties of transforming government policy into meaningful projects at the grass root level.
Written by Geraldine Bridgewater who has 20 years experience in writing strategies and implementing policies for sustainable development.

If you are interested in how and why local politics can get in the way of implementing national and international objectives indicators and targets for sustainable development then this is the right book for you.

There are interesting case studies and some of Bridgewater's own research into the funding and implementation difficulties of Local Agenda 21 in the early days of sustainable development.

The Politics of Sustainable Development covers such areas of interest as biodiversity, climate change, renewable energy, deforestation transport waste and the all important funding issues.

In her book Geraldine covers areas not often looked at by academia including; the difficulties experienced in working relations between Community groups NGO'S and publicly funded bodies.

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