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OECD's Report & Brochure on Biodiversity Offsets: Effective Design and Implementation I December 2016


The publication Biodiversity Offsets: Effective Design and Implementation (OECD, 2016) examines the role of biodiversity offsets in the policy mix for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use. Click here to access the Report

This ATTACHED brochure highlights some of the key findings from this publication, which draws on lessons and insights from more than 40 case studies worldwide and three in-depth reviews from the United States, Germany and Mexico.

The publication addresses the following questions:
1. What are biodiversity offsets and how do they fit within the broader framework of no net loss and the mitigation hierarchy?
2. What are the key design and implementation features that need to be considered to ensure that offsets are environmentally effective, economically efficient, and distributionally equitable?
3. What lessons have been learned from existing biodiversity offset programmes and what are the good practice insights for their improvement

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