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Mapping landscape guidelines and principles to the Aichi targets

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The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) has released the attached 'Infobrief' (June 2015) linking landscape approach guidelines and principles to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets. The brief notes that the ten principles of the landscape approach are particularly useful for the achievement of targets under Strategic Goal D (enhancing benefits to all) and E (enhancing implementation and participation).

In particular, the brief, titled, 'Mapping landscape guidelines and principles to the Aichi targets' considers the following principles: continual learning and adaptive management; common concern entry point; multiple scales; multi-functionality; multiple stakeholders; negotiate and transparent change logic; clarification of rights and responsibilities; participatory user-friendly monitoring; resilience; and strengthened stakeholder capacity.

Overall, the brief concludes that while there is a good match between the landscape approach and the Aichi Targets, there is a need for greater awareness and uptake. As such, the brief suggests that greater efforts should be made to demonstrate the benefits of the landscapes approach including through highlighting practical examples.

Download the brief below or access it here:

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