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Mainstreaming Biodiversity In Practice: A STAP Advisory Document

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This GEF Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP) technical paper will facilitate better understanding of the concept of biodiversity mainstreaming, as well as implementation challenges and opportunities, and will thereby strengthen the delivery of global environmental benefits – the persistence of species richness and the sustainability of ecosystems and the goods and services they provide to humanity – for the long term.

This paper presents three workshop products. First, the 2004 workshop was informed by a critical review of the evidence base on biodiversity mainstreaming project outputs and outcomes, as published in peer-reviewed journals (Section 1). Second, the workshop discussions were synthesized around 11 key determinants of successful biodiversity mainstreaming (Section 2).

Huntley, B.J. and Redford, K.H. (2014). ‘Mainstreaming biodiversity in Practice: a STAP advisory document’. Global Environment Facility, Washington, DC.

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